Oh, there was so much Sox talk today with Chad Finn and Steve Silva. Are Red Sox hitters underachieving or overrated? Can this year’s team still bounce back and make a run? If so, which starting pitcher do you deal for a much-needed bat? So many questions, and so much chop-busting. With his Birthday Bash tomorrow night, Dicky Barrett of¬†Mighty Mighty Bosstones is in town and decided to drop a dime this morning. The first (unofficial)¬†episode of BDC FC is live, just in time for the World Cup. We cover the USMNT vs Portugal and the beginning of the summer transfer window. UFC Hall of Fame fighter Forrest Griffin was in studio today, and ended up being one of the most entertaining guests we’ve ever hosted. Just listen. SNL’s Vanessa Bayer has recently launched a new web series where she acts as a media coach who gives horrible and judgmental advice to different bands and artists. Watch ‘Sound Advice: Gov Ball Part I and II’ as the clueless coach throws around witty insults and unsolicited career advice to bands and festivalgoers at Governors... Read more » *psst* We’re looking for a few good folks to join the RadioBDC Street Team. We even posted a fancy Craigslist ad. Interested in joining us? Perry Eaton of BDCwire joined me this afternoon to discuss new releases, as he usually does Tuesdays at 4. We ended up getting into a pretty heavy discussion about the musical merits of Linkin Park and Lana Del Rey, who both have new albums out this week. That led into the two of us picking... Read more »