It’s time to Run To Home Base
We were joined this morning by Ret. General Jack Hammond, the Executive Director of the Home Base Program, a partnership with the Red Sox Foundation & Mass. General Hospital. Jack talked about helping local veterans with PTSD and about the upcoming Run To Home Base. More
Yesterday afternoon the US were eliminated from the World Cup following a heartbreaking 2-1 loss to Belgium. Despite the upset, fans are still praising goalkeeper (and new national hero) Tim Howard’s record-setting performance. Howard’s public praise is well deserved as he set a new World Cup record by making 16 saves in one match, the... Read more » Planning on staying around the city for the 4th of July weekend? Give us 10 minutes and we’ll help you put together a plan. Photo credit Cydney Scott Greg and Jason from The Taco Truck stopped by for this week’s edition of Henry in the Grub. Here’s the deal, though: The Taco Truck in Harvard Square isn’t actually a truck. They’ve made the jump to brick & mortar. Check it out. Ask me my favorite types of summer songs and my memory likely won’t¬†trace back to garagey deep cuts or indie gems, but rather to sugary pop anthems of yore. Something about the carefree attitudes of the season has always¬†made the cheese of these radio bangers all the more appealing, even if only for a few... Read more » Today is the day. Win or go home. Listen to me and Adam 12 break down the USMNT’s chances of advancing in the 2014 World Cup. I’ll be watching the match at The Banshee. Follow me on Twitter for updates. They keep pulling us back in, these staggering, struggling 2014 Boston Red Sox. After a solid showing in the Bronx this weekend–which included Big Papi’s 450th career home run and the debut of hot prospect Mookie Betts–the Sox could well turn things around. Chad Finn joined me to discuss.