“THE SHOW” podcast: Sex educator Justin Lehmiller and Comedian Alingon Mitra
Sex educator and researcher, Justin Lehmiller discuss human sexuality on this week's episode of THE SHOW with Meredith Goldstein and Paul Bernon. Also featured on this week's episode is Alingon Mitra, the winner of the 2013 Funniest Comic in New England contest. More
This year continues to take the shape of a great one for new albums; just take a look at this list from Bradley’s Almanac. 2014 also marks the anniversary of some pretty amazing albums from what turned out to be a pretty impressive year for alternative music: 1994. Writers will wax nostalgic about Green Day’s... Read more » As we do every Monday at 2 p.m., Chad Finn, Steve Silva and I sat down to talk Red Sox baseball. After breaking down the team’s spring defensive woes and Grady Sizemore‘s resurgence, we turned our attention to the rotation, which manager John Farrell predicts will feature Clay Buchholz as the team’s number five starter. Longtime Arlington Catholic high school hockey coach Dan Shine brings you the latest from the Super 8 tournament. Listen. Click here for more Super 8 coverage. Listen to Grrl Power every Wednesday and Sunday night at 9pm, only on RadioBDC. It was Wednesday night. I was in the kitchen, drinking whiskey and pretending to wash dishes, when my blushing bride called to me from the next room: “You HAVE to see this.” No amount of amber spirits could have prepared me for what she’d stumbled across on the interwebs. On Thursday, March 13, we’ll welcome a trio of Icelandic acts to the Globe Media Lab as part of A Taste of Iceland. See Hermigervill, Retro Stefson and Sin Fang perform live at 2 p.m. Click here to stream the set. The Boston Globe’s Kevin Paul Dupont stopped by for his usual Wednesday 2 p.m. chat, so we were able to cover the final hour of this year’s NHL trade deadline. We talked about how Tim Thomas and Roberto Luongo were teammates (for less than a day, it turned out), and what moves we expected the... Read more »