SNL’s Vanessa Bayer gives Tegan and Sara some bad advice
Last week 'Saturday Night Live''s Vanessa Bayer brought her witty insults and judgmental attitude to Governor's Ball as part of her new web series "Sound Advice". This week the youtube media life coach lends her bad advice to Tegan & Sara, who seem less than amused as Bayer throws around insults towards their recent Oreo and Lego Movie songs. Throughout the episode the duo surprisingly keep it together, while they exchange awkward, annoyed glances as Bayer grills them on lyrics and self-esteem issues. This episode features a bonus appearance by fun.'s Jack Antonoff who acts as the comedienne's disheartened intern. More
Kevin Paul Dupont from the Boston Globe joined us for his weekly visit, where we discussed the underachieving ways of the award-winning Boston Bruins and a Red Sox team that KPD says should call it a season. In the history of Henry in the Grub, I don’t think we’ve ever been served as much food as we were served today by Tommy Floramo’s. And the timing was perfect, as we’re celebrating the two-year anniversary of our being hired here at Oh, and my birthday was yesterday. Eat up! We’ll be live at Pilgrim Power Sports in Plymouth this Saturday, June 28 from 12-2 p.m., giving away tickets to Nine Inch Nails-Soundgarden and more. Paul from Pilgrim joined Adam 12 in-studio to lay out what they have planned for their Open House. With help from comedians Rob Corddry, Brian Huskey, and Rich Fulcher–and a cameo by La Sera’s Katy Goodman–the video for “Bad Love Is Easy To Do” by Guided By Voices is both groovy and funny. See GBV for free with us on Saturday, July 12. Just click here to win tickets. Yes, a lot of music blogs have written about how PEARL JAM COVERED THAT SONG FROM THAT DISNEY MOVIE!!! But they didn’t actually “cover” it, per se. Oh, there was so much Sox talk today with Chad Finn and Steve Silva. Are Red Sox hitters underachieving or overrated? Can this year’s team still bounce back and make a run? If so, which starting pitcher do you deal for a much-needed bat? So many questions, and so much chop-busting. With his Birthday Bash tomorrow night, Dicky Barrett of Mighty Mighty Bosstones is in town and decided to drop a dime this morning.